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What is it that makes the property services we put on the table different from any others? It’s simple. You sit at the table with us. You become co-creators with us. Valued members of the team. We are small, and that makes us nimble, with the turning circle of a jetski, rather than a massive cruise liner. We abhor big talk or smalltalk here. We value straight talk. We put our clients front and centre in every conversation. And we work with you, not for you. All that differerentness? That’s the New Vantage advantage.

Successful Sales & leasing

Our bread and butter. Except with us, each project is a different loaf, and fresh butter. We deep-dive into you and your needs, and put you front and centre in the conversation. Others call it customising or tailoring. We call it co-creation. Where we work with you, not for you. Investor, tenant and owner alike. We have a hefty, countrywide portfolio of properties and networks. Better still, we negotiate like terriers: with agility, persistence and a high pain threshold.

New Developments

Why should you make New Vantage Properties your first port of call for industrial and commercial developments? We deep-dive into you and your needs, and interrogate rigorously before we source the site of your new address. We choose team players who best fit your venture, to work alongside you, to handle negotiations, strategizing and comparative prospective assessment. Fluidly. And our foundation of industry understanding, along with an extensive property and client database, makes for a sock solid base you can build on.

 Establishing client needs and space planning   I   Site sourcing   I   Request for proposals (RFP)   I   Proposal comparisons   I   Project timing   I   Negotiations  

Smart Investments

The New Vantage team has amassed a ton of insightful, localised knowledge of trends, along with years and years of shared experience, strategic savvy, and a net of well-established contacts. We also employ what we call the 80 000 foot view. This is the firepower you need when targeting the ideal solution for an investment property acquisition or disposal.


Let us never forget that we are human first, and workers second. Relationships thrive when EQ and SQ operate alongside IQ. We seek to understand before we make ourselves understood. And we ask the same of our clients. Our relationship with you – as tenant or landlord – is paramount. We believe in fair play, decency and wiggle room when it comes to dealing with situations, whether planned or unforeseen. 

You have our assurance that you will be heard and supported through any need: to expand, downsize, relocate, renegotiate, mediate, seek tenants, prospective opportunities, or just some sound, solid advice. A good fit for you is a win for us. As the wise Shona say: “Our day has been good if your day has been good”.

For Tenants:

Lease renewals and renegotiations

Acquisition and disposals

Strategic planning

Site selection

Market analysis

Comprehensive lease and sale negotiations

For Landlords:

Property assessment

Property prospecting and canvassing

Marketing strategy

Investment analysis

Comprehensive lease negotiation

Tenant retention strategies

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