Meet the team

They call me?

Spendad or Spenny

Who am I?

No 2 days are the same in property brokering. This suits me down to the tee. Every day we are presented with new challenges, which require expert problem solving skills, which I consider myself to uniquely have. Although I consider myself a team player, I find that the freedom to make my own decisions is what keeps me driven at this stage in my career. 

Why New Vantage?

When I joined New Vantage, I had higher expectations than walking into previous jobs, but could never have expected the ethically faultless and compassionate culture that would now become part of my life like family. It’s extremely rare to find such a knowledgeable team, with a work ethic that leaves no-one behind. 

What makes you tick?

Unlike all other sales jobs, in brokering, you have 2 customers that need to be helped at the same time. Finding this balance is the most rewarding part of going to work every day. 

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” Albert Einstein

What do people not know?

I gave up my pursuit of professional soccer to study Economics at UCT when I was 17. 

Previous clients

Nulandis, Suvarna Energy, Perspective, Fenster, B&B Plumbing, Ascendis Pharma

Who inspires me, and why: 

Sadio Mane – Came from desperate poverty to become one of the best footballers in the world. He never forgot his roots. He has built hospitals and schools in his home country, Senegal and is the most altruistic man in football.

My superpower is:

Problem Solving

Added Advantage

Drink of choice – Sundown Cider and Ice

Sports - Every single one!

Doccies or movies - The Last Dance and The Gentlemen

Best country visited – England and Ireland

Childhood hero – Steven Gerrard

Hidden talent - Juggling

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