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They call me?

Shimi Morekure - Hype Man

Who am I?

  • Creative minded

  • Solutions driven

  • Work around the clock

  • Maintain long-term business relationships

  • No job too big or too small

Why New Vantage?

In New Vantage I saw a family orientated company which I could see myself growing with in both as a broker and a human being. The “collective Expansion” resonates with my beliefs about working together to create synergies in all walks of life.

What makes you tick?

Finding creative solutions for companies who have been struggling to find the perfect/ideal solution. Being part of a company’s growth from a SMME to a large company owning its own premises. Forging lasting relationships with clients.

What do people not know?

I have a qualification in Econometrics which helps me to make forecasts in my industry and have a long-term vision for clients and their industry.

What’s next for New Vantage?

The company will continue to grow, we look forward to growing the team with new and dynamic individuals who will bring new ideals. We are a flexible business always looking to adapt to a changing environment. In future we will look at exploring other avenues in the property industry particularly appointments in an advisory role.

Previous clients

Cell C, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Capitec, Department of Public Works, Eurasian Resources Group, Unisa, Dalberg

Who inspires me, and why:

Simon Sinek he has a great view on leadership and has an optimistic idea of how everyone and anyone can and is a leader in their own right.

My superpower is:

Perseverance in finding a creative solution to a challenge. I can see the positive side of any challenge because there always is one.

Added Advantage

Drink of choice - Water!! As well as Whiskey and beer

Sports - Football

Doccies or movies - Documentaries

Best city visited - Rio de Janeiro

Hidden talent - Natural ability with a camera in hand

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