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They call me?

Shanaaz Khan – Shan or Naazy

Who am I?

I am a self- published author with 15 books published in 4 different Genres. I am an avid reader and a spiritualist. 

Why New Vantage?

I wanted to work in a small company where there is growth and I am not just a number. New Vantage is like a close knit family. They don’t judge anyone and there is no office politics. We work well as a team and respect each other’s opinions. The directors treat me as a vital member of the team and respect my view points. Which is important in any industry. 

What makes you tick?

Being a part of something bigger than myself and watching those who I have assisted blossom. At New Vantage I have that. 

What do people not know?

I am writing a non-fiction dating book. I have excellent computer skills and can build a website in under a day. In my free time I do graphic art and sell it on Adobe. 

Who inspires me, and why: 

Jeff Bezos – His life advice has played a vital row in the way I handle situations and solve problems.

Dale Carnegie – His take on life has changed my perspective in the way I see the world and understand people. Our decisions we make determine who we become. 

My future Self – I believe that my biggest inspiration is who I aspire to be as an individual. The best version of myself inspires me to grow as a person and focus on who I am and who I am going to be. The greatest expression of myself. 

My superpower is:

Creating Fictional stories and speed writing. I have excellent typing skills. 

Added Advantage

Drink of choice - Orange Juice

Sports: - Golf, swimming and Surfing

Books: - how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie, The Nostradamus Code – David Ovason

Best country visited – Singapore

Childhood hero – David Beckham

Hidden talent – Singing 

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