Meet the team

They call me?

Keke Khojane – Boss Lady  

Who am I?

I am goals orientated, competitive by nature while a team player, love being around people and a believer in customer satisfaction. Love traveling and exploring all things foreign. Running is my go to sport and all other endurance based activities.   

Why New Vantage?

It made sense and the idea of working with friends that had become family was extremely appealing to me. As corporate as we have built the business to be we are also very relaxed as a culture and treat each other with respect and operate as one unit. New Vantage is an environment that I had been hungry for, and was eager to be a part off and believe will be a team to be respected in the industry.    

What makes you tick?

Finding the next deal / office need for my clients and being able to negotiate deals that work for both the client and the landlord.    Being a part of their growth is also very fulfilling. 

What do people not know?

I have a bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing and it happens to fit perfectly with my people skills and my job in sales. I also happen to speak and understand Italian.

What’s next for New Vantage?

The sky is the limit, for as long as we keep our head above the water and learn to adapt and accommodate the new norms in an industry that is facing challenging times while finding avenues that make us different the will be stopping us. Having opened a Cape Town Branch, we hope that will grow and establish its roots there as well.  

Previous clients

MTN, Allan Gray Orbis foundation, Rail Way Safety Regulation, Total South Africa

 Who inspires me, and why: 

Oprah, a woman that build her brand in an industry that was seen to be impossible to penetrate way back especially for a woman of colour.    

My superpower is:

 Patience, ability to adapt to any given situation, and my sense of humor. 

Added Advantage

Drink of choice - Wine

Sports - Marathon running

Doccies or movies - Movies

Best country visited -  Switzerland

Childhood hero – Cat woman

Hidden talent - Cooking

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