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They call me?

Wiid/ Deanomite

Who am I?

I am a born and bred Durbanite that has found a home in Joburg for the last 14 years. I have been involved with property for 13 years, of which 11 of those have been in commercial and industrial property sales and leasing industry. I am a father, a family man and a team player that believes that 

‘if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together!’. 

Why New Vantage?

The idea behind New Vantage was born out of a desire to be better. Traditional brokerages had become very cut throat and top heavy. Good brokers often suffered because of this. At New Vantage, we understand our industry also has its challenges. It not always easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. We try to create an environment to allow our team to thrive. We value our moral and ethical ‘codes of conduct’ and consider it an important part of the business we are trying to create. As much as we can, we assist our team where ever possible. We also realise our team are humans and sometimes humans have human concerns, its important to be flexible at times. We believe that in order for New Vantage to be a success, it is important that the entire team is successful.

What makes you tick?

I enjoy witnessing people making a success of themselves. Whether it be colleagues, clients or myself. The blood, sweat and tears turning into resounding victory tastes sweet. It also motivates me to do better, do more. 

What do people not know?

I am a twin

What’s next for New Vantage?

The industry is in for a hellava ride. I think funds are going to be struggling and as a result become short staffed. We should try to position ourselves with which ever funds/ landlords and we assist where we can. Most importantly, I think in the post-corona world we will see the long overdue transformation in property sector.

Hold the moral and ethical line and we will go serious places. I also think we have a few investment decisions coming our way, opportunity is going to be everywhere. We will need to think about those carefully.

Previous clients

RTT, CHC resources, Invicta Group, Fresenius Medical Care, ABB, SMD, AVI, RCL Foods

Who inspires me, and why: 

Sam Harris. He has a very considered approach to the way he formulates thought. He has an extremely high EQ and in today’s world it is possibly one’s most important skill.

My superpower is:


Added Advantage

Drink of choice - Castle Lite

Sports: - Rugby, Football and Cricket 

Doccies or movies: - Anything by Ricky Gervais really

Best country visited - Italy

Childhood hero - Donatello

Hidden talent - play guitar badly

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