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Who am I?

My name is Cameron Smith, I am 29 years old with a massive passion for Property. I have 7 years’ experience in the Property sector with a wide understanding of the industry. My Property career started back in 2014 where I was head of leasing at a small Retail Development company. At the same time i was exposed to Property Management as the business managed all their developments in-house. These grass route skills and understandings of Property allowed for a great base for me to build my career. 

In 2018 I sought a new challenge in my life and made the move over to New Vantage Properties as a full time Property Broker. I knew being thrown in the deep end of the struggling 2018 Property Market would be a massive challenge but I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and have never looked back. I think the drive and hunger to be a part of the New Vantage Team played a massive part in my survival and success.

Why New Vantage?

From the first day I walked through the New Vantage doors I knew I had to be a part of this Team. The culture and vibe that has been created in our Office is really something to behold. Everyone gets along like a house on fire and there is no shortage of motivation and inspiration. I think the classical image people have of a Brokerage is a shark tank of individuals who are out to make their fortune, this could not be further from the reality of our New Vantage Office. There are no egos which need feeding, no individuals that get special treatment, just a bunch of exceptional humans who couldn’t be more eager for collective success. Our coffee is also pretty out of this world.

What makes you tick?

I think a variety of things gets me going. Building Architecture, Networking & Client Relationships are all aspects that I really enjoy in the Property Market. Over time you grow your relationships with clients and landlords, understanding their needs & desires. I personally believe that a great Property Broker is a person who understands his client’s needs, understands his clients business and knows an extensive amount of Properties which could suit these needs. Understanding what the clients require above all, allows you to solve the problem as quickly as possible. I think this is the challenge or “Thrill of the Hunt” which gets me going. The reward of a successful deal, where all parties are completely and utterly satisfied is what keeps us coming back for more.

What do people not know?

People would probably not know that I studied Development and Environmental Studies at Stellenbosch University. My Social and Rugby skills really got “Developed” during this time. I have a massive passion for all Sports and would be keen for a round of Golf whenever you are.

Previous clients

AdvTech, Camargue Underwriters, Food Lovers Market, Applied Heat, Capro Media, SAAFF, Creo Vison, Imery’s Refractory, Zopco.

Who inspires me, and why: 

I struggle to relate to anyone specifically. I think there are a lot of terrible leaders in this world that we live in. Someone who has always inspired me would be David Attenborough, his quest to educate, inspire and to save the world & its species has had a prolific impact on me. People seem to forget that our planet is dying and nothing notable is being done about it. 

I also get pretty inspired when Pieter Stef du Toit massacres a defensive line.

My superpower is:

Breathing underwater and predicting the 2019 Rugby World Cup Champions

Added Advantage

Drink of choice - Beer & Brandt

Sports – The Bokke, Stormers & The Gunners

Doccies or movies: - Peaky Blinders & Game of Thrones.

Best country visited – New Zealand & Thailand 

Childhood hero – Francois Pienaar & Shaun Pollock

Hidden talent – Pretty decent chef in the Kitchen.

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