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As we all come to grips with the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought, our team has found comfort and support in one another as we learn to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances that we now face. Our organisation prides itself on being a light-hearted and family environment, so we have made it our mission to continue thriving at what we do, by bringing the New Vantage Advantage to our homes.

Here is how our team has adapted the New Vantage way:

Our People:

While some may be tired by all the recent Zoom meetings, Kyle, our Managing Director, has embraced it by using it as an opportunity to show off his funky hat collection and keeps things light by starting every call with a new hat. While we do try keep things fun, we also understand the weight of Covid-19 and the stress that it has put on each of us and our loved ones, so we’ve prioritised communication and each other’s mental health by checking in regularly, whether with a call or even a simple joke shared in our company WhatsApp group, to serve as reminder that even though we’re apart, we’re still in this, together. 

Our Systems:

Thankfully, having already had all the infrastructure for our systems to be accessed via cloud servers, our team has not had to worry about being delayed or trying to learn new systems and technologies. In fact, not much has changed in the way we do things and we have all been able to make use of the necessary company information and systems when needed.

On The Money:

We understand the ripple effect that Covid-19 will have financially and believe it is up to us to do whatever we can to lessen the financial burden on our team members. We have assured our salaried staff that they will not face any salary-cuts and have been paying our brokers advances off the back of closed deals, with the hope of providing relief to our team during this unprecedented time. Our management took the approach of being vulnerable and honest with our team by expressing exactly where the company sits financially and outlining the steps we planned to take, to lessen the impact of Covid-19. Fortunately, we were able to close a few deals ahead of the lockdown and communicated with all our creditors and debtors early on, to secure payment terms that worked for everyone and ensured peace of mind for our team. 

Adapting with our clients:

Of course, we could not do any of this without the support of our clients, so we have identified ways that we can help them in adapting to their own set of challenges. Realising that some clients are being forced to downsize due to the economic crisis, we are stepping up to help renegotiate leases and market additional spaces to sub-let. In addition, we are assisting clients who need advice on rental holidays or relief from landlords with the goal of finding a win-win solution for both involved parties. As things slowly shift and go back to normal, we know that clients may feel overwhelmed by all the new rules and regulations required by government to align with Covid-19 regulations, so have partnered with space planners to assist with consultations to ensure a smooth adjustment for all. 

Looking forward:

During this time we have also considered how we can evolve our business going forward and have plans of launching a new website in the near future, and will be remodelling our social media platforms to create an engaging space that keeps clients informed with industry news and will allow for new ways to help our clients. We are also working with other companies to give clients a clearer idea of layouts of prospective properties through detailed floor plans and walk-through VR, with the hope of reducing site visits and putting clients at unnecessary risk. Finally, we will continue to train and support our staff in taking the correct safety measures when meeting clients at our offices or for site viewings. 

New Vantage prides itself on being at the forefront of our industry and will continue to apply our forward-thinking approach to develop new solutions for our team, clients and partners in business. While we are still engaging in conversations with the NPPC through SAPOA to discuss real-estate being allowed to work during the level 4 lockdown, we will continue to adapt and grow from this experience and look forward to a future of working together again. 

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